The Secret Of Writing For Conversions
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The Secrets Of Writing For Conversions

The Secrets Of Writing For Conversion

Just remember A.I.D.A.! Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. This is probably the most useful piece of technique you will need for all content you are writing for your content.


You need to grab attention from your customers. This is the first step to get them into your door. If the customer are not clicking into the product, the story ends there. You need to grab their attention as a first step, then there is a chance for your customer to convert. Customers are normally looking for something they want or need, what’s in it for them, why should they spend their time checking this product, what benefit does it give them. Grab their attention in the shortest amount of time by considering these questions.


Once you have got their attention, you need to keep your customer interested. The first paragraph is important, most people skim over the first sight of the product, if it is not interesting for them, you have already lost them. Get your customer engage by showing something unusual or unique about the product or fresh information. Follow on from the attention grabbing phase and expand it to something of their interest. This will push your customer toward the next step.


Now you got the customer engaged, it is time to tell them the product is really what they want. This can be done by showing the product benefits, how the product can change their life, how it solves their problem, show the result that other people have achieve, a KOL or Star effect would be good here. Remember the key word here is benefits, NOT just a list of features. The features of a product brings out the benefits. Focus on the benefits, a long list of technical specs is not a good selling point. Do include the features, but focus on the benefits because feature tell, benefit sells.


Push them to take the next step, normally this will be purchasing. Closing the deal is the main focus here. Give customers the incentive for the action and a sense of urgency. Phrase your final KO sentence to lead your customer towards the purchase.

With this important technique in mind, you are all set to add a product in your store!


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