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Turn Your Features Into Benefits

Turn Your Features Into Benefits

When people read your content, they mostly don’t care about the features of the product. What they care about are the results. What improvements can the product bring to me? How can this product improve the quality of my life? How am I going to be better off with this product?

Me Me Me Me Me. Well, why not. Who else is more important than yourself?

When you are describing your products, try flipping features into benefits. Here is an example that will show you the importance of features vs benefits. Which of the following sounds better to you?

  1. New JPhone 13 comes with 12MP Leica lens with LiDAR Scanner with 128GB Internal SSD storage.
  2. The new JPhone 13 comes with 12 megapixels Leica lens allowing you to take crystal crisp photos even under low light conditions. The fast 128GB phone storage will let you store up to 32,000 high quality images!

After reading the first one, most people would have no idea what you said. 12MP what? LiDAR Scanner? Huh? Pardon me? We need to avoid falling into this trap. As a seller, we are excited about the new features of the product, because we know how these technical features turn into benefits. Remember most of your customers don’t!

Most people buy because of WANT, not because we NEED. Another good example is when we buy a new car. We all know that it will depreciate as soon as we drive it out of the dealer. We could have bought a similar car second hand which would be a more economical choice. This is an emotional WANT, and this is what you want to achieve when you plant your hook for your products.

The emotional benefits is the factor that gets people hooked. Use the details of your product to evoke a genuine emotional feeling. The point of turning features into benefits is actually just to help the readers to answer the question “What’s in it for me”.

friends with benefits

Mini Plan

Start a mini plan in your mind when you write your content. Plan your writing in a way that will trigger a want to buy your product or service. Just a simple plan like this before you put pen on paper would help a lot:

1. Decide on how you want your reader to feel when they read your content

2. Shape and phrase your content to make an emotional impact, like the one above on JPhone.

Dig deep and uncover the deeper emotional benefits which connects more with your customers.

Show Don’t Tell

Show instead of Tell. What we mean is to use details to tell the readers how the features of your product will solve their problem. How can you help your customers to get more of what they WANT. The key is to make the readers feel something as they read your content. Using the JPhone example again, you can show a micro close up shot of an image taken by the JPhone camera. Together with the above description, you will definitely create an image in your reader’s mind. Your customer will be thinking how they may be using this phone to take amazing photos for Instagram and capture priceless video moments in their daily life for TikTok.


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