add positive values

Add Positive Values

Add Positive Values

When you start a project, start by adding your values to your clients from the beginning. Notice that the important word here is “beginning”. Whenever designing something, it is always better to incorporate the goal into every step. Putting in fixes afterthought is never going to be as good.

Accept the fact that there are better web designers out there. It is also almost 100% positive that there are better developers out there as well. What makes you stand out from the crowd? Where does it stop? Who can claim to be the best at something nowadays. A designer with multiple design awards? A coding champion? Or a combination of both and more?

One of the most important thing to provide to your clients is the values you can bring to their business. The added values you bring into the business when working together is the most valuable asset you can add to the project. Each client is unique to their own, work with your client and bring the best out of both parties to improve their existing product and services.

Our methodology is not the only way to get things done, it is just how we work and how we believe it can be the most beneficial to our clients.

What do you enjoy doing?

If you are just doing this for the money, then you are probably not going to enjoy what you are doing.

We love discovering pain points from our clients. Because it gives us the chance to find a solution to solve the issue our clients are facing. We are all geeks and we love problem solving. This is why one of our slogan is “We create solutions, we create results”. We are passionate about all things digital. Ever since young age, we like taking things apart and we do our own research in motherboard, graphics card, sound card, just because we want to assemble the fastest computer amongst our peers.

You have to enjoy what you do, otherwise you are just doing it to get a job done. Being passionate means you will spend time thinking about the issue, research and analyses the problem, sometimes even in the shower or during dinner, we are still thinking about how to achieve the optimal solution for our clients. It is the passion which drives our will to look at a task in different angles. Being passionate and showing your passion in your work is what will make you different to others.

What values can you provide?

Know yourself, know what are you good at. Integrate your skills and utilise your resources into the project. Remember that digital marketing is a complete package (see our article The Never Ending SEO Process), each part of the equation is important to a successful digital marketing campaign.

Know your clients, it’s no good if you develop an amazing website if it is not what the client asked for. Have a look at our earlier article on Understanding Clients. A good start is half the job done. Once you have a well defined requirements, it is now time to apply your skills and develop a solution.

Why does it matter?

Adding values to your client is the ultimate goal. You need to design a solution with this goal in mind from the beginning. Keep this goal in mind each step you make. This is how to differentiate between you and your competitors.

Anyone (with basic IT knowledge) can do digital marketing, anyone can put up an Ad on Social Media, anyone can build a website from templates. The difference you need to make is to bring in your experience, build a working relationship with your client, use your business skills, understand the core values of the business, suggest a branding strategy for your client, where should the most effort be spent in order to get the most ROI and the list goes on. This is what you need to demonstrate to your client. This is what will make you stand out.


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